She & Champagne


This is a sketch/drawing I made last thursday for a New Years Card at work. 

I'll show the design of the card soon!


Maya • Fashion Illustration blog zei

Very beautiful. I would love to get one like this! :-)


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Fashion Cappuccino zei

It's really pretty! I love the way you did her eyelashes!! xoxooo

Anoniem zei

I love the name of your blog! And this drawing is beautiful. x

Malu Rivero zei

Completely adore this face!
I'm looking for and illustrator that don't repeat again and agin the same extremely skinny girl that we always see...haha!

Anoniem zei

you draw brilliantly

joninel zei

really nice!!! i like it...hopefully you can draw me one :P

anyway, i like your header and merry christmas :)